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In what has been termed a stunning election victory, the Anguilla Progressive Movement (APM), a replacement of the Anguilla United Movement (AUM), has become the island’s new Government. The new
It is just days after Dr. Ellis Lorenzo Webster led his Anguilla Progressive Movement to an impressive victory in the general elections. He has now taken over the leadership of
The National COVID-19 response has received a major boost in the form of a 5-member Cuban Medical Brigade which arrived Friday afternoon, 26th June 2020, on a direct chartered flight
A new Leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Cora Richardson Hodge, formerly Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Leader of the Anguilla United Front (AUF), was sworn in by Governor Tim
CHANGE CAN’T WAIT! This was the mantra of the Anguilla Progressive Movement’s (APM) 2020 election campaign, and it is one that obviously resonated with the people of Anguilla because, on
Anguilla’s Governor, Mr. Tim Foy, OBE, has expressed words of thanks in connection with the just-concluded elections in Anguilla and other related matters. He was at the time speaking to
This Preliminary Statement outlines key findings and initial recommendations from a short-term observation effort that was limited in scope and duration and is based on the information available at this
Anguilla has been very blessed. We were within a whisker of having COVID-19 establish itself in our country, but thanks to early steps of quarantine and border closure we reman
Anguillians turned out in large numbers for the Early 3or Advanced Polls on Friday, June 26, with hardly standing room at three of the four locations. The polling was for
A mass of blue and orange colours, balloons and more than four hundred vehicles altogether, with blaring horns, filled the roads of Anguilla from east to west, north and south,


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