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With a parliamentary election looming over Anguilla, the island fighting off the covid-19 pandemic and the consequent economic and employment woes, there is much on the table of the Governor,
The period, May 18 to May 22, has seen a series of stakeholder meetings in Anguilla aimed at re-starting the economy as the Government, in Premier Victor Banks’ words, “de-escalates
With the district and island-wide elections in Anguilla, just around the corner, the Central Electoral Office is anxiously awaiting the completion of the repairs to, and upgrading of, the Atlin
The power of politics (with a Big P), to make seemingly rational persons appear to be devoid of reasoning, is not easily explained, if at all possible. What is clear
Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak and the need for social distancing, The Government of Anguilla has made the decision to cancel the Anguilla Day Programme and Official Anguilla Day
With a big portion of the UK Government’s humanitarian grant to Anguilla already committed to the rebuilding of schools, health facilities and other public sector projects, following Hurricane Irma in
The pomp and ceremony that usually marks the Anguilla Day celebrations will not be a feature this year. This is due to the covid-19 disease, the restrictions being placed on
Anguilla’s General Election On 7 May, after consultation with the Premier, and as set out in Section 63 (1) of the Constitution, I issued the proclamation dissolving the 11th Anguilla
With the shutdown of the tourism industry in Anguilla, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the island’s Tourist Board has been finding ways of passing on information to visitors longing to
In keeping with its corporate vision to be “A leading institution . . . which promotes quality teaching and passionate learning”, the Anguilla Community College (ACC) is pleased to announce


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