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    The Valley, Anguilla – The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Investment, Commerce, and Tourism is pleased to invite members of the public and in particular business industry associations,
Damian Khari Gumbs received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting from the College of Business Administration at Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Mr.
    A Proclamation issued by His Excellency The Governor, Mr. Timothy Foy OBE, brought into effect the Anguilla Constitution (Amendment) Order 2019 on Tuesday, May 14. The Proclamation was
      It is of interest that, hand in hand with the coming into effect of the Anguilla Constitution (Amendment) Order 2019 on Tuesday, May 14, that a series
    For some time now, there has been much concern in Anguilla, and in other Overseas Territories, that the United Kingdom Government will impose same-sex marriage on the inhabitants
    The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies in Anguilla is singularly proud to have five students competing in the 2019 UWI Inter Campus Games in
    Newton’s third law of Physics states that, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Based on my observations, this statement can be applied not only
    Dear Sir and Readers: I wish to take the opportunity to comment that the standards of driving in Anguilla appear to have worsened and I am sure that
    2019 No. 852 CARIBBEAN AND NORTH ATLANTIC TERRITORIES The Anguilla Constitution (Amendment) Order 2019 Made 10th April 2019 Coming into force in accordance with article 1(4) At the
    The Foreign Affairs Committee, a type of pressure group in the House of Commons in London, has recommended that UK nationals residing in the Overseas Territories should be


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